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Diver Training with Stoke Divers
Within the BSAC training process there is a structured progression that takes you from the swimming pool, into sheltered open water and then to the wide open ocean. Whatever your preferences are once you are trained, you will find courses designed to get the most out of your diving.

Stoke Divers BSAC conducts diver training over a number of weeks where training is conducted by nationally qualified instructors. Beginners start with a Try Dive session before committing themselves. They can move onto the Ocean Diver course which qualifies them to participate in open water diving. All the necessary equipment is supplied by the Branch during this phase.

When you learn with our Branch you will become a BSAC member and will immediately be entitled to the full benefits of BSAC membership. You are able to participate in the full range of club activities, which include extending your skills, as well as specialist courses arranged by the Branch or the BSAC Regional teams, social activities, weekend diving trips to inland or coastal sites and diving holidays.

BSAC Qualifications
There are a number of different diving grades that you can progress through as your skills and confidence improve.

Ocean Diver Course
So you have done your try-dive and enjoyed it enough to want to do a bit more, Why not try our Ocean Diver course. We will at this stage ask you to join the club. Initially the training will be mostly in the swimming pool, but you will be using diving kit from almost the first moment. With a small number of dives in a suitably supervised sheltered water area, The club will provide all of the equipment you require but you will be expected to pay entrance fees to the sheltered water inland dive sites. After the appropriate theory lessons you will be able to qualify as a BSAC Ocean Diver. This grade will allow you to dive in a club environment to a maximum depth of 20m.

Sports Diver and beyond
When you want to extend your skills and experience, you can train as a BSAC Sport Diver. This will let you dive deeper, to 35m, improve your diving skills and extend your lifesaving abilities.

The next step is BSAC Dive Leader which will let you dive to the maximum recommended depth of 50m. You will now be capable of leading less experienced divers, and are considered a fully capable diver in your own right.
BSAC Advanced Diver training will teach you skills to enable you to perform longer and more strenuous dives and to perform some of the more specialist skills involved in this hobby, such as running branch diving trips.
Perhaps you want to train as a BSAC First Class Diver This is the highest BSAC diving award, and will give you the skills to organize diving trips and tasks at a national level.